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Walking In Love Part 2







1 John 4:19 says, ” We love Him because He first loved us.” Folks you and I are the revelation of God’s love to the world. The world can only love Him when they first see His love and the only way they can see His love first is through you. You are the revelation of it, we are God’s love in the world and it’s the only love that they are going to see. It’s like the story of the little girl who was in her room afraid and called out to her mom and said I’m afraid. The mom said, don’t be afraid Jesus is always with you. The little girl said, I know mommy but I need love with flesh on it, that’s you and me. We are the revelation of God’s love in the world.

Church if we would just get up walk in the love of God, be the salt shaker of the world, be the light of the world and let the world  see the love of God in you, then we would have revival going on. Well preacher I just don’t believe that, we just need God to show up and for God to do something.  What else is He going to do? He walked the earth, He took on our sins, He died on a cross, He conquered Satan and He rose from the dead. Then He tells us all authority has been given unto me in both heaven and earth and now you go therefore. Pretty simple, pray that God through the Holy Spirit will open doors for you and He will do it.

1 Corinthians 10:33 says, ” Even as I please all men in all things, not seeking my own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved.” He said the love of God constrains him. People in the Bible said Paul you are out of your mind, you are beside yourself. He said no that is not what’s wrong with me the love of God constrains me. The love of God is making me go, I can’t not go.

The Apostle John the one that wrote 1 John, do you know what they did to try and stop him? They put him in a huge vat of oil and tried to boil him alive and they could not kill him. They were trying to stop and kill the love of God. Greater was the love of God that was in him than the fire under that vat. They said we can’t kill him, what are we going to do? So they sent him off to an island and the Bible says on the Lord’s day he was in the Spirit and the Holy Ghost took him into heaven and said write what you see. He then wrote the book of the Revelations. If we would only understand that love conquers all. When we learn to walk in that love, we will conquer every obstacle that we are facing.

Folks, we are called to walk in the love of God. I know some of you are saying  boy this is really deep. No! This is Christianity 101, this is basic. It’s just that we have lost sight of it, because we have turned Christianity, faith, and the grace message into something about self. What you don’t understand is, we are all ready alright.  We are washed in the blood, we have the nature of God on the inside of us, and we are more than conquers already.  What else do we need? We already have it all, we have Christ!

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