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Walking In Love Part 1







Christianity is a Divine human love affair. 1 John 4:16 says, ” And we have known and believed the love that God has for us, God is love, and he who abides (lives) in love, abides in God and God in Him.”  This has to be one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. Have you ever known someone who wants more of God in their life? If I get more love, then I get more of God. If I get more of God, then I get more love. God is love, He doesn’t have love, He is love.

The love here in the Bible is not human love. It’s not a love like a husband loves his wife or like a parent loves their children, it goes beyond that kind of love. The word here is agape and many theologians say, Jesus is the one that brought that term on the scene.  It was a Greek word that existed, but it was never used. It was never used because man never did it. This kind of love that Jesus brought on the scene was a love that was willing to die for somebody else. Now, we are all willing to die for our own kids, but this kind of love goes beyond that. This is the kind of love that would not only die for your kids or strangers, this kind of love would die for it’s enemies. That’s the kind of love we are talking about.

When you study it out in the scriptures, you find out that this is the kind of love that God had for us and that’s the kind of love Jesus had for us. They were willing to lay down their life for us and give up all they had for us. God is love and they that live in love, live in God and God in them. It’s sad, but I have found that most Christians don’t really want to live in that kind of love. To begin with Adam was created in the image and likeness of God, so Adam was love just like God was. But when Adam transgressed against God and fell, Adam died. He didn’t actually die physically, because he didn’t die for another 930 years. The word of God says the day you eat of the tree you shall surely die. What died? Who he was died.

Adam was created in the image and likeness of God and that died. At that point Adam ceased to walk and live in the love of God and Adam became a self-centered individual. Life became all about Adam after that point. The same thing when we were born into the earth we became self-centered and life became all about us. What about my problems? What about my job? What about my kids? What about my blessings? What about my pocket book? What about what I’m going through? Love is never about us, love is always about somebody else.

Just as much as I was like my natural father and I received his nature, when I was born again and born of God I received the nature of my Father God. That’s who we are, we are born of love. Just because you are born of love doesn’t mean that you are abiding in it. This is not just automatic, you have to make an effort to walk in this stuff.  We have to get our thinking lined up with what God says, because it is God’s perfect will that you and I walk in God’s kind of love.

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