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3. Tribulation Period

Will the Tribulation Period

Be as Bad as People Say?


That is one of those Yes and No questions.

The time in the Bible referred to as the tribulation period is a period that last for seven years. It is divided into two parts of three and half years each. It actually begins with peace, or perhaps I should say a false peace. A man the world will admire will come on the scene and promise peace in the Middle East. I remember several years ago a very well known politician said “If anyone could bring peace to the Middle East they would welcome him with open arms even he was the devil himself.”


He will be. He will known as the twelve Imam, the Islamic Mahdi.

In Revelation 6:1 through Revelation 12:6 we see the first 3 1/2 years and what Jesus spoke about in Matt. 24:9-14. It is actually a time of peace and very few problems;

However, in the middle of the seven years beginning in Revelation 12:7 the Antichrist demands all to take his mark (the Islamic Bismillah).

Beginning in Revelation 12 we have the last 3 ½ years of the tribulation period which is known as the great tribulation. And it goes through Revelation 20:15. This will not be a time of peace but of great sorrow and great tribulations. It will be a time when people who refuse to accept the Bismillah will not be able to buy, sell or to do any other business. It will be a time when people who refuse to accept the Mark will be beheaded.

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