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The Thing Satan Fears The Most Part 3






Pharaoh just wanted a partial change and in Exodus 8:29 Moses said I am going out from you and I will talk to the Lord about this. He talked to the Lord and behold another plague came. Then over in Exodus 10:11 “Not so! Go now, you who are men, and serve the Lord, for that is what you desired. And they were driven out from Pharaoh’s presence.” Another thing Satan hates is families that worship God. You men go ahead and leave your families here. Do you know why he hates families worshiping God? It’s because there is power in agreement.

Exodus 10:24 says “Then Pharaoh called to Moses and said, Go, serve the Lord; only let your flocks and your herds be kept back. Let your little ones also go with you.” You worship God with everything and you can even take your kids and go, but leave your finances. Satan doesn’t want us worshiping God with our wealth. Jesus said if you are not faithful in money who is going to give you the true riches. I didn’t say this Jesus said it. The world puts their trust in money. God doesn’t have a problem with you having things, God has a big problem with things having you. When things or money is more important than our tithe then we’re in trouble. We are still looking to money as our source. The almighty dollar is not our source, God is our source.  God always, somehow comes through. God was wanting them out to become worshipers with all that was within them.

Remember Jacob, he had 12 sons and before he died he pronounced a blessing on each one of those sons and the greatest blessing was pronounced upon Judah. Genesis 49:10 says, “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, Nor a lawgiver from between his feet, Until Shiloh comes.” Shiloh is the Messiah. I want you to notice there that he is talking about the scepter and the law giver. The scepter has to do with spiritual authority and the law giver had to do with legal authority. All authority went to Judah. Judah was given the authority. It came eventually when the Messiah came.

When Christ came all authority came through Him and as believers, you and I are in Christ and we have that authority. But I want you to see here, that it went to Judah. The word Judah in Hebrew is the word praise, that’s what it means. All authority and all power went into the tribe of praise. Child of God, it doesn’t matter what darkness you are going through, it doesn’t matter if there looks like there is no way out, when you  enter into praise and worship with God you will access the power and the authority that you have through Christ. We are called to be worshipers. You have to get your focus off your problems, and begin focusing on God.

Do you remember David and Goliath? Israel was looking at how big Goliath was and they were hiding. David was a worshiper. The Bible says, that David was a man after God’s own heart. He built a tabernacle and in his tabernacle they worshiped God 24 hours a day 7 days a week. David wrote some of the most amazing songs about worshiping God. He learned the power, Israel was looking at the giant and David was looking at his God and David conquered the giant. When you get to looking at your problems and your problems get bigger than your God, then you have a problem, more so than you realize. Get to worshiping God. He said, Judah had all the authority and all the power. When they came out of Egypt, God said Judah will lead the way. In other words, praise went first. 

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