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The Mercy Seat Part 2






The covenant was given as a strong encouragement about the promises, the testimony on the inside was to testify about the nature of the covenant. It was covered in mercy. The word mercy in the Old Testament is the word Hesed. It is equivalent in the New Testament to the Greek word charis which is grace. Hesed in the Old Testament is translated as mercy and loving kindness and you always find it associated with the Covenant of God. The same thing in the New Testament charis is translated as grace and favor all the same thing. He covered this whole thing with grace and favor and God is sitting in the midst of his favor and grace. You can’t find Him in religion or your traditions. He’s only seated in the midst of grace, kindness, love and favor and He’s all wrapped up in His Covenant. He will not alter that Covenant, it is established it is a done deal. It’s all in Christ now.

There were  3 applications of the law. One part dealt with moral issues that was the 10 Commandments. Remember the 10 Commandments was part of the Testimony and it was to be put inside the box and the lid was to be put on the box. God was sitting on the lid and God said do not take off the lid and stay out of the box. One day some of them decided to lift the lid and 50,000 or so died because they looked in the box.

90% of the Christians in the world think the 10 Commandments causes you to live closer to God. The Bible says just exactly the opposite. The Bible says the law (10 Commandments) is the strength of sin over in 1 Corinthians 15:56, it is the power to sin.  The only thing that makes you liver closer to God is when you draw close to the mercy seat that covers it all.

Deuteronomy 6:17 says, “You shall diligently keep the commandments of the Lord your God, His testimonies and His statutes which He has commanded you.” The word keep means to watch or to preserve. He is saying here keep your eyes focused and he gives us 3 things here, (1) His commandments (commandments put simply= do what He says), (2) His statutes are the purpose behind the commandment. It is a commandment to honor your parents, the statute behind it is if you live an honorable life, it will produce a long life. (3) testimony. Think of Testimony here as God’s supernatural intervention in Israel. That’s what they had a testimony about.

You see when God gave them the law (10 Commandments) God said, here is my commandments keep them. The first one is Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. No human being has ever loved God with all of their being.  We can’t do it. No one has ever kept God’s Commandments.

So what did God do? God took the commandments put it in the covenant and covered it with mercy. The testimony is this, that we are made righteous not by our works but by His works. He did it!  We could not live up to the law, no matter how hard we tried we could never be righteous enough by the law’s standards. It doesn’t matter how hard we tried, we could never get there. But we have a testimony that God made us righteous by His mercy and Grace. Through the covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ He made us Holy, He made us righteous, He covered us in blood and He covered us and filled us with His mercy. That is a testimony, God intervened. That is also the nature of the covenant.  He is telling them keep your eyes on it and stay focused on it.

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