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The Joy of the Holy Ghost Part 3






Jesus told us a story about the prodigal son(Luke 15:25-28), they had a party and the older son it says, he heard the dancing, he heard the laughter, he heard the singing and the bible says he wouldn’t go in. Notice it says he wouldn’t go in.

That’s why so many Christians are weak and defeated, because the joy of the Lord is your strength. Many Christians don’t have any strength. They’re depressed, they’re worn out, they don’t know how they are going to make it from one day to the next, a doctor’s negative report is overwhelming them, they have all kinds of things going on, because the river is not flowing.

Jerry Savelle taught a message years ago, that said if the devil can’t get your joy, then he can’t get your goods. Why?  Because  with joy you are going to tap into that water in that well and that well is salvation. That well contains healing, deliverance, prosperity, peace and everything else that you need in life.

Joy is your bucket, you have to use your bucket. Well, when God comes and gives me a bucket, then I’ll start dipping. If you would’ve had that attitude when you got saved, you’d be going to hell right now. If you just sat around and said, well if God wants me to go to heaven then He’ll save me.  If you’ve got that attitude you’ll wind up in hell, and God will love you the whole time. He had salvation right there for you and all you had to do was speak up.

Peter said, it is joy unspeakable filled with glory, but it only comes when you let it out. I’ve been at meetings before where people were laughing so bad they had to be carried out.  My wife and I went to one where, I had to carry her back to the hotel and she didn’t even know I took her back there. If you’ll read about the day of Pentecost, that’s what they were, they were drunk. When you are full of the Holy Ghost, you get drunk.

I don’t want to come to church and just sit.  I want this to be a dwelling place of the Holy Ghost, I want this to be a place where the Spirit of God is real, when people walk in here sick, they walk out of here healed. I don’t want this to be a place where you just get taught some bible lesson, there is more to this than just a bible lesson. The Holy Ghost is real, He’s alive and He wants to manifest His presence. He wants to fill and over flow ever single waking day.

You can have all the joy you want. With joy, you draw water out of the well of salvation. I have this well and down there in this well is salvation. There is health down there in the well, there is deliverance down there in that well, there is wealth down in that well, there is welfare in there, there is aide from God down there in that well, supernatural peace is down there and anything I need or want is down there in that well.

I can’t get down there, but God said if I use the joy that He put down on the inside of me, I can start to draw out of that well, whatever I need. Hallelujah!!

All I have to do is release the joy that’s on the inside of me and I can tap into everything I need in life.  But God said, you’ve got to tap into it church. The joy of the Lord is your strength, it’s your power, it’s how you tap into all that God has done.

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