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The Joy of the Holy Ghost Part 2





Look over in Isaiah 12:2, it says in that verse, behold God is my salvation. If you look up salvation in the Hebrew, the Strong’s Concordance translated it as deliverance, aide, victory, prosperity, health, help and welfare. God is my deliverance, God is my aide, God is my victory, God is my prosperity, God is my health, God is my help, and God is my welfare. People go around and say well I’m saved. Well are you?

That’s where that word saved comes from, it comes from the word salvation, it’s one in the same.  In verse 3 therefore, with joy will I draw water from the well of salvation. With joy I am going to tap into the water, with joy I am going to tap into my salvation (with joy I’m going to tap into my deliverance, my aide, my victory, my prosperity, my health, my help, my welfare) With joy I’m going to draw water. Water is the Holy Ghost. Remember?

Isaiah 12:3, was a verse that was used on that day of the feast. What would take place on the day of the feast was, the people would come out dancing and singing and they would go down to the pool of Salome and dip the water out of the pool of Salome and they would quote that verse. And Jesus stood up and said if you are thirsty, come onto me and drink and that river will start to flow out of you. Glory to God!

With joy, you will tap into the Holy Ghost and draw that water out of the well of deliverance, out of the well of healing, out of the well of prosperity, out of the well everything you need ,with joy you will draw water out of it. And a man has joy by the answer of his mouth.

In Galatians 5:22-23 talks about the fruit of the Spirit. It says the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. You have joy on the inside. But if you don’t speak to it and activate it, it is just going to just lie there.

Have you ever noticed that, the church has been real big on crying? The church world likes to cry. But you know what it doesn’t take any faith to cry. It takes faith to rejoice and laugh, you have to believe in something. I believe that I have the joy of the Holy Ghost, from the top of my head down to the tip of my toes. Do you know when He comes out? When I let him. When I speak He comes. You just make a choice I’m going to be joyful, I’m just going to laugh and when you start, you start releasing the Holy Ghost. He is waiting on you, when you let him out He will start flowing.

The joy of the Holy Ghost. You just got to drink. That’s all you have to do is just drink. Drink! Glory to God! Thank you Lord for the Holy Ghost! Lord thank for the joy! You just drink the Holy Ghost. You just drink by faith and then a river just starts to build up on the inside.

The reason the river is not flowing, is because you are not speaking. Well if God wants to bless me, then he can bless me. You have got a long wait, because the Bible says God is very patient. You will still be waiting, as the old saying goes when hell freezes over.

The Israelites were in a Holy dry place and all they had to do was open their  mouth and start speaking and the water would have started flowing.

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