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Did you know there were strange things in the Bible that happened to the Old Testament Prophets? Moses took a stick, stuck it out over the Red Sea and the sea parted. Elijah was a man that out ran a horse. Daniel walked into a den filled with lions and the lions all of a sudden couldn’t open their mouths. Then another time he walked through a furnace without getting singed. Ezekiel spoke and prophesied to some bones, and the bones put on flesh and came alive. Sampson picked up a jawbone of a dead donkey and with that jawbone killed 1,000 enemy Philistine soldiers. Strange things happened to all of the Prophets. I believe, with all of my heart, that if we will allow the Holy Spirit to be who He is, then the Church will be a place with strange happenings.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t want to do normal things; He wants to do strange things. One of the biggest problems that we have with the Holy Spirit is that we each have a box and we need to kick the sides out of our box. Let me give you an example: let’s just say that Joe has had all of the following experiences: Joe has been slain in the Holy Ghost and fell to the ground, Joe has prophesied in the Holy Ghost, and Joe speaks in tongues with the Holy Ghost. These things would give us a good description of what Joe’s box would probably look like. So, anything that happened outside of Joe’s box, he would have a tendency, in the natural to say, “well, I’m not sure if that is God.” Unfortunately, that is the way most Christians today are. Have you ever wondered why we don’t see the Holy Spirit move in so many of our churches today? The reason is, that, whoever is in charge of the church is controlling how far the Holy Spirit goes by whatever their box is.

The Holy Spirit, at times, shows Himself in ways that are beyond the human mind, and sometimes we think that it disagrees with the Word of God. We all have a tendency to want to judge things that we don’t understand, because most of us are fearful of anything that we can’t control. However, we have to learn to let go and take the controls off. In the Word of God strange things happened all of the time. They really did! How many of you out there, if you saw someone standing on the street corner preaching the gospel naked, would say that was God? Did you know the Bible tells us that God commanded one of the Prophets to go naked and preach? He really did! There are things in the Word of God, that the Spirit of God does, that is beyond what we can comprehend with our natural minds. We have to be careful not to judge things by our own experiences, of what we have seen, heard, or believed, rather than righteously judging by what the Holy Spirit speaks to us and being open to it. Did you know that the Word of God and the Spirit of God could be present in our churches today and have one effect on one person and have a totally different effect on another person. It’s the exact same Holy Spirit, but we limit Him by the condition of our hearts or the box that we have created for ourselves. The Holy Spirit is wanting to reveal God, and His Word, to us in such a way, that whatever we do, or wherever we go; we are taking the presence of God, and being a vessel in which His Spirit is living and flowing through. I believe that when we learn to cast aside our boxes and let the Spirit of God be who He really is, there are going to be some strange things happening in the lives of people.

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