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Staying Focused Part 2





We had a brother come to our church years ago, he has since gone on to be with the Lord. This brother had completely lost his entire eyeball and was totally blind in one eye. He had been on many television shows and they had examined him, because to the world it was a great phenomenon. A lady in a prayer line had prayed for him when he was just a kid and God restored his eye. So he had perfect vision with no eyeball.

While at our church, we taped his good eye up so well that there was no way to see out of it. He then took out his glass eyeball and people brought up different items for him to read. This brother would read the items with no eyeball. Soon after, I had people who came to me and told me, they didn’t believe it. Sitting right there in the rows and still didn’t believe it.  And to my knowledge, these people are still not serving God. God was moving and they missed it because, of their stinking thinking and their bad attitude.

I believe those same attitudes can infiltrate into the body of Christ. In Hebrew 3:15, he is talking to Christians and says to not harden their hearts. Now, if you will take a look over at Hebrews 4:1 it says, “Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it.” This is why we have to learn to hear God, so we can live in God’s rest.

Many people hear the message of grace and think it means, that it is a place where you stop working. Grace is a place where you cease from your works, but grace is not a place where you stop working. The grace of God that is upon me causes me to work. In other words, grace doesn’t work for God, grace works from God. Grace energizes me to work and that’s why I need to hear His voice.

The grace of God, is not so that I can feed my flesh, did you know that? The grace of God gives me the access into the presence of God. That’s what grace is all about. Everything about grace gives me access to God. I have favor with almighty God, that’s what it does. I have favor with God and I come running saying, here I am Dad and there in His presence I hear Him and I come out and I take His presence with me to the world.

He wants us to hear Him when we are home, in the mall, at the stores, on the job, or wherever we may be. Wherever we are, we just hear our Father speak and we just allow His life and glory to flow through us to set the captives free, by bringing deliverance and healing into their lives. But I have to hear Him, because if I don’t hear him, I’m just doing the work in my own power and there’s a difference. I’m not working for God’s approval, I’ve got that. I’m working from God’s approval. God wants us to live in a place where we hear His voice on a regular basis and it’s just a normal way of life.

Many times, we hear his voice and all to often we choose to ignore Him or we question Him. We begin to say things to ourselves like God do you really want me to, God do you, or Lord I don’t know if that’s you or not, trust me take it as being Him, if you are going to make an error make it on that side. Because if we are not careful, by ignoring His voice our hearts begin to become calloused and insensitive to the things of God.

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