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Staying Focused Part 1





Hebrews 3:15 says, “today, if you will hear his voice do not harden, your hearts as in the rebellion.” The key word here is today. Today, if you will hear his voice. There is nothing, I want more in my whole life than to hear the voice of God, nothing! Money is irrelevant in comparison, to hearing the voice of God. Everything in my life, is irrelevant to hearing God’s voice. I want to be able to hear him on a regular basis. I want to be able to hear Him in the good times and the bad times. Above anything else in my entire life, I want to hear God’s voice.

Notice, how in Hebrews 3:15 that it says today, well that’s today and all your tomorrows too. He says “today, if you want to hear his voice do not harden, your hearts.” The word harden there, means to be dry or calloused. Have you ever seen a creek bed that had flowing water at one time, but then the water dried up? When the water quit flowing, the ground left was dry, cracked, hard and calloused. All of us have had times when, the spirit of God flows into our lives and flows through us. However, if we are not careful we to can become dry, cracked and calloused and we will not be able to hear God.

See the subject of that verse is you. You don’t harden your heart, you don’t become calloused and dry. We have a tendency to think that the devil’s going to make us hardened. That is far from the truth, you are the only one responsible for you. It’s not God, it’s not the devil, you are responsible for you. If you really want to hear God, do not harden your heart.

The bible says that Pharaoh hardened his heart, but later on it says, God hardened his heart. Now if you don’t understand what’s going on, you would think that God did it. But what God is saying, is that Pharaoh hardened his heart over and over and over again. Pharaoh rejected the things God revealed to him and in doing so his heart became harder and harder. He became insensitive to the things of God.

Just as with Pharaoh, if we don’t accept the things that God is trying to show us, our hearts can get harder and harder. You have to learn how to spot God, you have to learn how to hear God.

According to some bird hunters, they can train a dog to honor the point. An example of this would be, you have two hunters, Jim and Dave. Both Jim and Dave’s dogs are trained to honor the point. Jim’s dogs picks up on the scent and points, Dave’s dogs will honor that point simply because, they are trained to do so. Dave’s dogs point in conjunction with what Jim’s dogs are doing. Just because you don’t hear from God, does not mean someone else that is walking with God, is not hearing God and you have a choice to honor that, and point along with it or ignore it.

There are many different ways that, we can learn to be sensitive to God. The first thing, is you have to not harden your heart . You have to start saying I’m here to hear God, I’m here to walk with God, that’s the only reason I’m here, I want to hear God, I want to hear his voice on a daily basis, I want to hear what God is saying and I want Him to guide and direct me. If that is not your attitude, you will not hear God, you will miss Him.

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