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Never Be Disqualified Again Part 2






David said, blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin. David is speaking of a time off in the future, because David lived 100 of years after Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness. He wasn’t talking about them, he’s talking about another time and another man somewhere whom God is not going to impute sin to, and God is going to bless this man.  Who is this man?

The answer to this question is found in our Bibles over in Romans 10:4 it says, “For Christ is the end of the law for everyone that believes.” How many of you are believers in Christ? It says right there that Christ is the end of the law for everyone that believes.  Child of God when you accepted Jesus Christ, the law of Moses (the 10 commandments) with all of it’s rituals and bi-laws came to an end for you and God blesses you, not because you keep the law or because you are so wonderful. God just blesses you because you are under the blood of Jesus Christ and that’s what get’s you blessed and nothing else.

Religion is all about what you do, but Christianity is all about what Jesus did. The world and the Christian community is filled with religion that wants to talk about what you do, what you ought to be doing, shame on you for not doing, you need to get busy and do, and you need to quit doing this and start doing that, because when you do then God will bless you. I have news for you God will bless you. You say, well why am I not seeing it? Because you don’t believe it. Believe it! He made it so easy. He said, in His word my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. So let’s get the knowledge and let’s stop destruction.

We are getting knowledge right now. That’s why it is very important for you to be in the house of God so you can get the knowledge. Do you know how you turn someone over to the devil in the Bible? Get them outside the church. That’s bible, there was a man in Corinth that Paul told them to put him outside the church and to turn him over to the devil. That’s how it happens. Let me qualify this, if you go to churches where you are hearing about God blessing you based on your performance, then you would be better off at home. That type of message will destroy the word of God.

Do you remember the day you got saved? I can remember it exactly. The day I got born again, I didn’t have any preachers, I didn’t have any books, I just asked Jesus into my life, he came into my life and I just knew down in my heart that God loved me. No one had to tell me, I just knew it down in my heart that He loved me. I had to get into church before someone convinced me that He didn’t love me.

The more I got into church the more I was convinced God didn’t love me just like the minister because I just didn’t quite measure up. If I would just straighten up and become more Godly like the minister then God would love me and God would bless me. I’m not trying to get on to the ministers. I’m just saying that as ministers we have the capacity to preach in a way that can make you feel unqualified in the kingdom of God. Child of God, I’m here to tell you that you are qualified.

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