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Liberated From Slavery Part 2






Osiris according to Egyptian mythology was married to a goddess called Isis. Again according to Egyptian mythology, Osiris  had a brother named Seth. Seth one day conned Osiris into getting into a box. They said that when Osiris got into the box, Seth nailed the lid shut on him. Then Seth carried him off, I believe they said into Syria put him under a tree and he died. His wife Isis along with her  forces went looking for him and found him in the box and he was dead. Isis supposedly was going to resurrect him from the dead and Seth was worried about that. So Seth stole him again and cut his body up into 14 different parts and spread the body parts all over Egypt.  Isis then gathered her forces again and went looking for his parts. She found 13 parts, but 1 part she could not find because it had been thrown into the Nile river. That part was known to them as the phallus (or a male’s sex organ).

The Egyptians because of this erected a monument to Isis and Osiris and the monument was an image of this particular part that was missing. They named that particular part of the monument an obelisk. An obelisk in Egyptian, literally means Baal’s sex organ and there they would sacrifice human sacrifices to the sun god Baal. That particular monument is in countries all around the world. The United States has one, and it is called the Washington Monument. That’s where it came from, just to enlighten you.

Christians say, well it says praise God in the capstone. Well that is true, but just because it says praise God doesn’t mean anything. Which God are they praising? You see the Washington Monument and where the obelisk’s are situated through out the world, were put there by the Masonic Lodges of the world and the Mason’s worship Baal. The Masonic Lodges worship all of the occult names of the Old Testament. They take all of the names of Baal, Osiris, Isis and all of the Old Testament ungodly gods, they gather them together into secret names that they use and that is what they worship at their altars. Most people don’t know this. They are the ones that erected the Washington Monument. They are also the ones that put in the phrase praise God, they are not talking about the God that we talk about, there’s a difference.

The Egyptian gods are worshiped today throughout the world. They are worshiped in America today, they just come in a lot of different names and are packaged into prettier packages. But when God called His people He called them out of Egypt. When God called you and when God called me, He called us out of the world system. He called us into His system, a system totally governed by El Shaddai (God of all provisions) through a covenant sworn in blood by Jehovah (covenant keeping God). With Abraham it was through the blood of bulls and goats. But child of God today, it is through something greater than the blood of bulls and goats, it is sworn in the blood of His own Son.

He called us out, the world is not our source. The world’s system does not have our answers and it can’t take care of us. You have been called out of the world and have been called into a covenant with God Almighty, Jehovah God, the father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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