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Dear JCC Member,


This is Pastor Larry, I want to thank you for all of the support that you have shown toward Jean and I since you have been at Jubilee. We could have never kept going without you.


Every now and then I will wake up early in the morning and the Lord will minister to me about something that I am going through or some revelation to share with you.


I had such a day a couple of weeks ago, I awoke very early, I got a cup of coffee, sat down and tried to get quite before the Lord. Before I knew it, I began to get what I think was one of those “aha” moments.


For years I have tried to think of evangelistic ways to reach the people in the river valley, but it seemed like nothing was right.


Christians are fearful to go door to door with the gospel because people might shut the door on them. What about reaching out to the homeless? Forget it; every church in every city is doing that; besides that, there are a whole lot more people that are not homeless that need Jesus than there are that are homeless. With Christian Radio and Television you generally reach people who are already saved and going to church. Direct mail use to be good, but it has gotten so expensive that you can’t compete with the big churches.


So here is my “aha” moment:


There are 95,240 Facebook users,’ between the ages of 20 and 65, within a 25 mile radius of Jubilee Christian Center. Who for the most part go on to Facebook once or twice a day.


We intend to reach out and make contact with everyone of them, via Facebook advertising, but not in a conventional way. With your help, we can place an ad like the one below, on every one of those 95,240 Facebook pages that are within a 25 mile radius of JCC and It would read as follows:


FREE Bible Prophecy BookBible Prophecy1 


Plus 10 Question

About the End Times.

And the Anti Christ Revealed.



Just about everybody is interested in the End Times and Prophecy.


Once they download the free book it will automatically give us their email address. Now that we have their email address we will start our campaign.


The day after they download the book they will receive an automatic email that will have my picture, my name, the church’s name, along with a scripture and a short, one paragraph, exhortation.


After that they will receive a new scripture verse with an exhortation, the churches name, my name, and my picture every two weeks. And they will continue to receive one every two weeks, forever, or until they decide to opt out.


At some point in time, these people are going to be looking for a church or changing churches, which ever the case may be. Guess whose name will come to their mind, if they have been receiving emails from the pastor of Jubilee Christian Center, every two weeks, for the past two years?



Church, I believe that this is a God idea for JCC, but Jean and I can not do it alone. Advertising on Facebook can get expensive. Each time someone clicks on our Free Book it will cost us about $1.50, but think about it like this; each $1.50 means we have someone in our database that is concerned about God and their destiny, and who, at some point in time, WILL BE looking for a church.


We need our whole church body to help. To do this right we need monthly supporters who will commit every month. Think of the benefit; you will reach one family with the gospel for every $1.50 you give. I believe, with your help, we can saturate this area and the 65,000 or so people with the gospel.


We have set up a special page on our church website where you can donate and hopefully make a monthly commitment. Simply Click the Link Below and it will take you to the new JCC donation site.






If you would like your own copy of the book simply click the link below.


10 Questions about the End Times




Thank you so much for being a part of this ministry.




Pastors Larry and Jean Beam

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