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Is the Bible Fake?


The Bible claims to hold the secrets to life. It claims to have all of the answer for financial prosperity, marriage, joy, peace of mind, physical healing, deliverance from addictions and even demons. In fact the Bible claims to have the solutions for anything you will ever face in this life. But the question is, is the Bible true? I not only believe I can prove that it’s true, but I also believe I will prove to you that it is the ONLY book in the universe inspired by Almighty God. Those who wrote the Bible claim to have been inspired, supernaturally by God, but were they? The first question in everybody’s mind about the Bible is, is it true; and the second question is, can it be proven? I believe the answer to both is, emphatically, yes! Hopefully, by the time we are finished, you will be convinced of the authenticity and accuracy of the Bible.

Let me start by saying, there are only two ways to prove anything in our natural world. One is called, Scientific Evidence. That’s evidence that can be duplicated in a laboratory. The other is called, Legal Evidence, which is what is produced in a Court of Law. It’s obvious we can not reproduce the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in a laboratory, but, if given the opportunity, I believe it could be proven in a court of law. Therefore, I will attempt to provide you with, insurmountable, legal evidence, and some scientific evidence for you to make your own decision. So Let us begin with Man’s Standard for Judging Ancient Manuscripts. I once read somewhere that the universities in our country have a standard for judging the authenticity of ancient scrolls that are to be taught as authentic in our universities, which I think, is a very liberal one, but so be it. I read that ancient scrolls must not contain more than 25% error, to be accepted as credible. The Bible is made up of 66 ancient scrolls, and all of them combined, only contain ½ of 1% error. That alone is an amazing feat for people to have accomplished thousands of years ago, without the aid of a computer. And based on that alone our University Professors would have to testify (as an expert witness) in a court of law that all 66 of the ancient scrolls which we call the Bible are accurate based upon their standard. I also read an article that said everything we teach about Plato is contained in approximately 7 documents, written around 1,200 years after his death? Pliny, about 8 manuscripts written 750 yrs after he died. Herodotus: 10, written 1,300 yrs after death. Aristotle: 49, written 1,400 yrs after his death. Homer: 643 documents, written 500 yrs after his death. And these are taught in our universities as fact. However, when it comes to Jesus Christ, we have over 24,000 manuscripts and they were written within 25 years of His death. Why do you suppose the professors in our universities overlook that?

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