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Counterfeit Holiness





The Bible tells us in 1 John 4:17, “as He is, so are we in this world.” I want you to notice that it doesn’t say, “as He was,” it says as He is. As He is, so are we now in this world, not when we get to heaven, but now! The Christian life is not found on the cross, the Christian life is found because of the cross, but not on the cross. He didn’t suffer on the cross so that we could become like He was, He suffered on the cross so that we could become like He is. Today, when many Christians talk about the cross, what they’re really talking about is crucifying themselves. Child of God, you need to realize this; Jesus didn’t nail himself to the cross and neither can you! You can’t nail yourself to the cross and you can’t cleanse yourself of sin. If you could have, then you wouldn’t have needed Jesus to come and die for you, man does not have that power! The power for the cleansing and the power over sin lie in the resurrection. However, if Satan ever finds out that you’re no longer interested in evil, his next strategy is to get you focused on your unworthiness. He will get you looking inward, and you will start thinking things like; God, what’s wrong with me? God, how could you possibly use me? God, this is in me and I’m trying really hard to overcome this, oh God, I’m just so unworthy and the list could go on and on. That’s what Satan does, so many people fall into to the trap of thinking that looking inward like that is holiness, but it’s not, it’s a counterfeit holiness. The Bible, talking about the new birth says, we were created in true righteousness and pure holiness. Therefore, since we were created that way, through the new birth, “as He is so are we now in this world.” Child of God, trying to look inside and see what we are is a lie out of the pit of hell and it requires absolutely no faith at all! The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God and child of God, faith starts at the finished work of Jesus and faith declares, “I am like Him! I am righteous because He made me righteous! I am holy because He made me holy! I have the mind of Christ living in me! I have the power of the resurrection on the inside! God, I am what you say I am, I’m not what I think or feel on the inside, I am what your word says I am and your word says, “As He is so am I in this world“, so that is who I am!

As children of God, we have to learn to get our eyes off ourselves and get our eyes on Him! Paul put it this way; I don’t want to know anybody after the flesh and we don’t even need to know ourselves after the flesh because I can promise you that if we do, we will find fault. However, if we’ll just look at Him, and remember, as He is so are we in this world, then we’ll always find something to rejoice about.

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