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9. The Mark of the Beast



The Biblical End-Time Anti-Christ is on the Move



When you look at the Biblical account of the Anti-Christ and Muslim’s Maude the Similarities are Amazing. 


Here are just a few of the similarities…… 

Both Islam and the Anti-Christ deny that Jehovah is the only God

Both deny Christ is the Son of God

Both deny women’s rights

Both wage war against Israel

Both honor a god of war

Both practice beheading

Both the Anti Christ and the Maude claim to be the Messiah


This is not coincidental!


I am sure you are aware that the Bible tells us that this Anti-Christ will cause all to receive a mark on their foreheads or hand. But what you probably are not aware of is, the Quran also says a beast will rise out of the earth and mark all Muslims on their forehead or forearm so that other Muslims will know who are the true Muslims and who are not



In the book of Isaiah the Antichrist is referred to as the Assyrian several times. 

He is never, ever, called the Roman or the European. He is always referred to as the Assyrian. And the Assyrian Empire consisted of modern day Syria, Iraqi and Turkey; In other words, the area where ISIS is running rampant today. 

As a matter of fact, in the seventh chapter of the book of Daniel we see a vision of four beasts in the earth. We are told that the first beast was the Babylonian Empire, which was conquered by the second beast, which was the Medo Persian Empire. And the Medo Persian Empire was conquered by the third beast, which was the Grecian Empire. Then we are told that the fourth beast was more fierce than all of the others and it conquered the previous beast. 

Because of a man named Cyrus Scofield, we have been taught that the fourth beast was the Roman Empire. But that is problematic, because Rome never conquered all of the Babylonian Empire, nor did they conquer all of the other empires. 

Only one empire conquered all of the area of the three previous empires and that was the Ottoman Empire in 1299 A.D., It’s also known as “Islam”. 


You may not be aware of it but, according to Fox News, there are currently 35 active Islamic Jihad training camps located within the United States as we speak. 

I’m not trying to frighten you; But I am trying to wake up the Christian community!


The information I am sharing with you is simply a small segment of a three-day teaching series I did on this subject back in July of 2014. 

In this CD series you will see the ten horns of the book of the revelation revealed, you will see that the head with the mortal wound has been healed. You will understand that the image of the beast is being and has been worshiped for years. 

This CD series is packed with information about the End-Time events that will incite you to share the gospel with your friends and family. 

But I need your help, to spread this information. 

All of the proceeds I receive from the sale of this series will be used to provide free copies to pastors.


Your $25 gift will allow me to send a free set of CD’s to three different pastors.


Please help us to get this urgent message into the hands of Pastors all around the world.


If you are listening to this message and you are a pastor, simply click on the contact tab above, send us your information and we will get a set out to you as soon as possible. Or if you prefer to schedule a meeting in your local church send me your email address and phone number and I will get back with you.  


Thank you and remember,

“Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in this world” 1 Jn. 4:4


Every unsaved person you know must hear this, DON’T DELAY!



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