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A Covenant Blessing Part 3






Abraham’s grandson Jacob made a deal where he worked for his uncle Laban, he said I will work for you 7 years and I’ll get this, this and this and Laban said great. At the end of 7 years Laban cheated him and he didn’t come out with what he was supposed to. He said, well I’ll work another 7 years and it still didn’t work. He then worked another 7 years for a total of 21 years. Then Genesis 30:43 says, “Thus the man became exceedingly prosperous, and had large flocks, female and male servants, and camels and donkeys.”  Folks he worked 21 years before he got everything. There is a difference between rich people and the average person. They are not a hundred times smarter than the average person because no one can use that much of their brain. They don’t work a hundred times harder than the average person because there are only so many hours in the week and they have to sleep just like you do, but they do things different than the average person. It took this man 21 years before he got everything. Most Christian’s that I know would probably not have made it the 7 years before saying, well I just can’t do this.

If you want to get ahead in whatever it is that you are doing learn this secret. There was a man who was a musician and he decided to throw out everything he knew about music and start from scratch and create a song.  I’ve heard of people who listened to it and said it was horrible, because he threw away everything he learned. Listen to me, if you want to be good at something learn from someone who has done it and build on what they do.

Recently someone asked me, how do you know so much about the scriptures? I’ve learned when God shows me something to start focusing on people who understood what He was showing me and build on what they taught me. That is the way life works. When I got into the real estate business the only thing that I knew was that there was money in it. Do you know what I did? I learned it. I bought stacks of books on how to buy houses with no money down, how to get loans, and how to do everything in the real estate business. But child of God, I didn’t do it in 30 days. There were a lot of times I wanted to just give up, just like this man probably was after 7 years. I found out a good thing, if it’s not working I’m doing something wrong. If everything is falling apart then you are doing something wrong.

God is on your side, He wants you to prosper and He wants you to be blessed. As a matter of fact God said, He will bless everything you set your hand to. The problem is most people’s hand touch is just a tiny little touch. No, you set your hand to it and say bless God, God is on my side and I’m going to do this come hell or high water. God will give you wisdom to know when you’ve jumped into something that you need to back off of. But understand this, that just like Jacob there are going to be times of famine, times where you want to give up, and times where you feel like I can’t do this or I can’t do that.

Child of God there’s nothing that you can’t do, we limit our own selves. We just don’t realize what we have on the inside of us and the power and ability we have. We just need to stir ourselves up and realize that we are more than conquerors and that God is on our side.




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