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6. Isn’t The Anti-Christ From Rome

Most people believe and teach this, however, I believe it is impossible to prove from the scriptures. This is a teaching that originated with a man of questionable character by the name of Cyrus Scofield. Later it was picked up by a Godly man by the name of Finis Jennings […]


A True Image Of God Part 1

          The bible is divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is all about God as a creator. The New Testament is all about God as a Father. The Old Testament reveals man’s sin and the problem with it. The New […]


A Picture Of A Renewed Mind Part 3

            Jesus had a renewed mind. Now, He was not born that way.  The word of God says, He grew in wisdom, He grew in stature, and He grew in favor with God and with man. He grew that way, He didn’t just become that […]

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