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Is the Bible Fake?

  The Bible claims to hold the secrets to life. It claims to have all of the answer for financial prosperity, marriage, joy, peace of mind, physical healing, deliverance from addictions and even demons. In fact the Bible claims to have the solutions for anything you will ever face in […]


Eternal Life

  It may be hard for you understand right now but walking in Eternal Life will help you solve your financial problems, marriage problems, emotional problems and any other problem you might be facing. Before I became a Christian I was always confused by the things that I had heard preachers […]


Amazing Grace

        Even Those Who Would Abuse Another Can Experience God’s Grace ‘Amazing Grace’ was written by a wretched man by the name of John Newton. A man who spent most of his life involved in slave trading. A man who, at one time, was even himself a […]


The Gift of Grace

A Lesson on Grace Grace is a gift, Divinely imparted, that none of us deserve and none of us can earn. Grace is, God’s love, freely offered to us, and is the power to overcome trials. It is God showing His love to you, even though you don’t deserve it. […]


We Have an Inheritance

Walking in Your Inheritance Now that you are a Christian, did you know that you have an amazing inheritance? The Bible says you are a Priest unto God (1 Pet 2:9) and the Priest had a very special inheritance, completely different from all of the other people’s inheritance. Out from […]


Grace Made You Perfect

Most people think that the Ten Commandments were given for them to live by, so that it would help them walk closer to God. But the Bible teaches just the opposite. The Bible says, “The strength (or the power ) of sin is the law” 1 Cor. 15;56. The law, […]

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